For the launch of Huawei’s state of the art Nova 4e handset we produced these three fairy-tale inspired films. Acting as both production company and studio we sprinkled a bit of magic on the process to create high-end character animation in a series of sumptuous environments.


Produced & Directed by Future Power Station 

Original illustrations: Yuko Shimizu 

Animation Director: Yibi Hu, Mike Tylor

Additional Artwork: Rafaila Raikova 

Line Producer: Naima Vogt

Storyboarding: Alex Potts

2D Animation: Setareh Seto, Alex Potts, Maki Yoshikura, Inbal Breda, Leonard Bismuth, Yino Huan

3D Modeling & Animation: Rafael Jiminez, Kevin O’Shea

Clean Up & Colour: Rafaila Raikova, Jennifer Belobi , Setareh Seto

Compositing: Mike Tyler

Music & Sound Design: Bill Cargill